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Epicanthal folds
extra skin at the inner corners of the eyes, common in Aboriginal Peoples.
Executive Functions
are the higher-order brain functions that enable us to meet goals and solve problems through planning, initiating and maintaining behaviour. They include self-motivation, self-regulation, capacity to use working memory and inhibition. Due to prefrontal cortex damage, as well as injury to other parts of the brain, these abilities are often missing or very limited in persons with FASD.
External Brains
refers to a concept relied upon heavily in successful FASD intervention efforts. People with FASD benefit from having one or more people in their lives with whom they have an interdependent and supportive relationship. The “external brains" may be family members, friends, community volunteers or professionals providing services. External brains can perform a variety of functions. Examples are: doing some of the thinking that a person with FASD cannot do, steer them in the right directions, remind them of obligations and managing their money for them.