L'ETCAF et le Système de Justice

Re J.M., 2013 ABPC 291 (D’Souza J.)

Father’s sister and father’s ex-partner both seeking guardianship of children – ex-partner supported by Director of Child and Family Services in PGO application – current caregiver is ex-partner of biological father – proceedings triggered when she sought assistance managing difficult behavior – one child with FASD (SM) – disrupted attachments could really create problematic behaviours – SM’s high needs and JM’s oppositional defiance disorder require ‘industrial strength parenting’ – sister without much knowledge about needs of children – concern also about involvement of father in child care if children stayed with sister – concern that ex-partner without supports and resources necessary or full awareness of issues, although has capacity to parent – concern about stability – children indicate they want to stay with her – ex-partner willing to facilitate engagement with children’s Aboriginal community – ex=partner is meeting special needs – ex-partner’s application allowed.