L'ETCAF et le Système de Justice

R v Laver 2019 CarswellAlta 1849, 2019 ABPC 183, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3576, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3577, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3579, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3580, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3581, 158 W.C.B. (2d) 77

L.G. Anderson Prov. J.

Alberta Provincial Court-Decided July 23, 2019

Accused is an Indigenous person who was adopted and didn’t know his biological parents—accused struggled with addictions, has ADHD and depression and anxiety—demonstrates some symptoms of FASD—accused ran from police after his vehicle was stopped—pled guilty to possession of stolen vehicle, driving while disqualified and fleeing from police—accused sentencing dependent on mitigating factors (guilty plea and Gladue report) and aggravating factor (previous criminal record)—sentence reduced by six months to reflect accused’s post-arrest treatment (injuries sustained by accused were result of unnecessary force, beginning with how he was marched to van and put into van)