L'ETCAF et le Système de Justice

R v JRW 2019 CarswellAlta 2129, 2019 ABPC 245, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3882, [2019] A.W.L.D. 3890

P.G. Pharo Prov. J.

Alberta Provincial Court-Decided on October 1st, 2019

Accused has sexual relationship with 14 year old complainant when he was 20 years old—Accused has extremely low to borderline level intellectual abilities including ADHD, FASD, mild retardation, significant learning problems and depression—Accused pled guilty to sexual assault, sentenced to six months in jail and two years probation—Accused also registered as sex offender—aggravating factors in sentencing include complainant was under 18 years of age, continuous sexual assault against the minor—mitigating factors include accused’s guilty plea, significant mental challenges, FASD, ongoing meaningful support from both his family and community—accused had no criminal record when he pleaded guilty and cooperated with the police