Development of our current website was financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario through an Access to Justice Grant. In past, funding for site development and content we was received from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Department of Justice, Youth Policy Branch.  

This website would not be what it is if it were not for the special contributions, advice and gracious permissions to use materials from many different people and we thank them all for their commitment and dedication to their work and the assistance they have provided us in ours. 

FASD Justice Committee:


Jonathan Rudin - Program Director, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, ON
Carol Lee Smith – Legal policy consultant


Fia Jampolsky: Counsel – Yukon Territorial Government
Lori Vitale Cox - Clinical Coordinator: Eastern Door Diagnostic Team/ Director: Nogemag Healing Lodge
Nancy Dinnigan Prashad – Researcher/ Writer/ Editor: Environmental, Health, and Social Justice

Project coordinator

Kristina Brousalis – clear language editor and writer

Previous Committee Members:

Corey Laberge
Elaine Cousineau
Judy Mungovan
Laura Whalen
Linda Johnson
Patti McDonald
Sawsan Khowessah
Sophie Hein
Teala Quintanilla

We thank those who contributed directly to our 2021-22 site refresh:

Abby Leung
August Bonomo
Chelsea Smith
Curtis Molyneaux
David Aleksis
Laura Galin-Corini
Lydia Kinsman
Michelle Stewart
Nilufer Walimohamed
Sawsan Khowessah (committee member until September 2020)
Sophie Hein (committee member until September 2020)
Mary Jarrell, Assistant Crown Attorney, Ontario (Justice for Children and Youth)
Steve Mohammed

We are also grateful to Pro Bono Students Canada – Osgoode chapter for partnering with us to allow law students to help with research for and support of our project.

Development of this site was generously supported by:

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