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Voluntariness - R. v. N.R.R. 2014 ABQB 118 (Read J.) - Alberta

R. v. N.R.R. 2014 ABQB 118 (Read J.) - Alberta

Trial of 18 year old accused on charges related to planned murder of girlfriend’s husband – in romantic relationship with 34 year old youth worker, sought to have her husband killed – in context of Mr. Big operation with respect to murder charges asked purported criminal organization to do the hit– took an active part in planning – significantly compromised cognitive functioning, FASD, ADHD – here statements were not result of any pressure exerted by undercover – situation quite different to confession in homicide investigation – NRR raised issue, not trying to impress – willing participant in planning – reliability issues that came up in homicide trial not present here – also techniques relatively benign and not an abuse of process – statements admitted.