FASD & the Justice System

Newfoundland and Labrador (Child, Youth and Family Services, Director) v. CT 2010 NLTD(F) 19 (Fry J.); appealed 2011 NLTD(F) 25 Cook J. (not allowed – no significant change in services)

Director seeking continuous custody order for two children with FASD – father also with FASD – both parents with history of drug addiction and instability – had stabilized in past years – given opportunity to work with advisors/coaches to see if could develop necessary skills – despite work were unable to parent consistently and effectively and meet basic needs of children, no ability to meet special needs – father easy to work with but limitations apparent – needs constant instruction and unable to interpret needs of children – mother unwilling to acknowledge and work with father’s limits and children’s special needs, also not completely reliable – children’s FASD diagnoses require a specific parenting environment.  Continuous custody order granted.